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    Absolutely. In fact, PVC is not just good but excellent for roofing needs, both commercially as well as residential. PVC or Polyvinyl chloride is made with a minimal percentage of oil and petroleum, making it low maintenance and enhancing its longevity as a roofing solution.

    Yes, PVC roofing is low maintenance but, more importantly, easy to repair roofing solution that one can take advantage of. One of the reasons why that is the case is that PVC can be easily rewelded into sections, which is often not the case with other roofing membrane solutions.

    Fibreglass roofing solutions are highly durable, in addition to them being simply magnificent to look at. Due to its high durability, there is less chance of any kind of damage in the form of leakage, rusting, etc. They are also fire resistant which another of its salient points is.

    Regardless of which one you go for; you cannot go wrong. They both are excellent for roofing solutions and would provide more than optimal results. But when it comes to comparison, Polycarbonate solutions are slightly more durable and would last for a more extended period.

    Yes, it is possible for one to walk on the fibreglass roof without any worry. It is a durable roofing solution that is resistant to any kind of break and rusting. Although, one should still confirm with the supplier as there is a set limit for the volume of foot traffic on the fibreglass roof.

    Depending on the material used for the construction of the sliding door, one can easily opt for a design that goes around the corner. It would be best if one connects with an expert on whether such a solution is feasible or not before making any kind of investment.

    There is not much difference between a static door and a sliding door. In a sliding door, the static post is replaced by a moving post in the bifold that is connected to the doors. This naturally slides away as one folds the door back. This, in the gist, is how sliding doors work.

    Zero corner door is a term that is widely popularised for doors that are installed in the corner of the room and fit into the pocket when one slides them open. This results in the elimination of support walls or posts, as they become irrelevant in this mechanism.

    While the figures are all around it, Velux windows usually come with a 10-year warranty. So, one can safely assume that the Velux windows are built to last for at least 10 years. There are some cases where Velux windows have easily lasted up to 30 years without any sort of trouble.

    Yes, we do offer a Velux window installation service that one can take advantage of and quickly replace their existing Velux windows or install a new set on their property. Our highly trained professionals ensure a hassle-free service for your Velux window installation needs.

    It is possible for one to have their Velux windows repaired, especially if they reach out to a reliable service provider. And if that is what you are looking for, then you could not find a better companion for your needs than VS Roofing.