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A Fibreglass Roofing System is among the most popular method of Roofing can be applied to almost any roof build-up. It requires minimal maintenance and also offers many benefits to your roof.

  • It can be applied on sloped roofs, parapet walls, dormers and many other roofs build up.
  • It offers excellent waterproofing.
  • UV resistant and fire retardant.
  • It offers a highly rigid and durable roofing system.
  • It can be used for pavement and balconies.

VS Roofing is the front face among the fibreglass roofing contractor in Dublin offering a full range of Fibreglass Roofing Repair and Replacement services for residential and commercial spaces.

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Are you due for the new roof? Then you should consider a flat Fibreglass Roofing Repair and Replacement in Dublin. It is an intelligent choice for many homeowners, and people continue to learn more about its benefits. That’s why they are inclining toward this quality GRP fibreglass roof.

For years, VS Roofing has been helping homeowners with their roofing repair or replacement needs with various options. We have made it easy for them to find out something that suits the property and their budget.

If your budget is restricted and you want to undergo the Fibreglass roof, then come to us. We are an exclusive provider of the industry’s best fibreglass roofing solution that is versatile in use. At VS Roofing, we will try to do everything that keeps our price competitive without compromising with the quality. Besides, we offer easy financing options, too, to get the top-notch Fibreglass roof cost fair.

Why should you choose fibreglass?

Before choosing any material for the new roof, you should explore what fibreglass roof is? A fibreglass roof is a composite material formed by combining fine strands of fibreglass with polyester to gain features like laminate. Different layers of fibreglass are wetted out, then treated and coated with the top layer. The roofs made up of fibreglass have no joints, welds, or joints so that the water will not leak or pool, making them completely water-resistant. If fibreglass roofs are installed correctly, they will last over 25 to 30 years without any sign of deterioration.

If you want to make a dependable choice for your home, commercial space, or outdoor area roofing, you should go with fibreglass. Below we are listing a few qualities of Fibreglass, have a look:-

  • Fibreglass has proven durability in heavy rain; therefore, you can use it for Shower Tanking, Roof Terraces, Saunas, Flat Roofs, Swimming Pools, Roof Valleys, Wet Rooms, Steam Rooms, Ponds, Gutterings, Canopies, Balconies, Pitched Roofs.
  • Leak-resistant in design and installation
  • Strength against the high speed of the wind
  • Fire rating Class A
  • Available in many different colours, profiles, and textures

Fibreglass Roof Maintenance

To keep the roof clean, little cleaning should be done with a brush or mop to get rid of debris and dirt. You should avoid pressure washing or a hot stream as it could damage the topcoat of the roof. Over time you may observe GRP pinholes or cracks at the top layer; it signifies that your roof is starting to wear away. This is all due to poor installation, or the temperature is not right. At VS Roofing, we are well prepared and trained for such a situation. Depending on the situation, our professionals can use acrylic paint or gel coating, both options will make the roof look as good as new.

If you are thinking about having the fibreglass roof installation, roof repair, or Fibreglass Roofing Contractors in Dublin, you should contact us at +123-559-990 for a free estimate.


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