Velux Replacement

Velux Replacement

Effortless VELUX Window Replacement

Replacing or upgrading your VELUX roof window is easier than you might think, making it the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate your windows and loft space. With minimal disruption, our VELUX replacement services at VS Roofing involve replacing windows and components primarily from inside the room, using the existing aperture. This eliminates the need for external scaffolding, whether you’re swapping out an old VELUX for a similarly sized or slightly larger window, replacing the glazing, or updating its functionality.

Enhanced Privacy and Insulation

Our high-quality VELUX replacement solutions offer increased privacy and insulation. The inner pane of glass features white foil coating for added privacy from the outside world, while the outer layer is toughened for weather protection and coated with heat-insulating material.

Upgrade Options

  • Replace existing VELUX window and flashings
  • Modify the opening mechanism to top hung, solar-powered, or electric
  • Upgrade the glass for improved insulation and privacy
  • Enhance the interior finish for a polished appearance
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Experience Enhanced Privacy with VELUX Window Replacement

At VS Roofing, we offer top-notch VELUX window replacement services designed to improve your privacy. The inner pane of glass features a white foil coating, providing increased seclusion from the outside world. Simultaneously, the outer layer is toughened for superior weather protection and coated with a heat-insulating material for added energy efficiency.

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